Artboard 1
Carnegie Court
Southwyck House
Theseus Walk
Mill Lane/Solent Road
Redbrick Estate
Perronet House
Morris Walk Estate
Houses for Visiting Mathematicians
Holmes Road
Mansfield Road
New Court, Christ’s College
Storrington Avenue Fire Training Centre
Harmood Street
Webheath Estate
Sovereign House
Keeling House
Swan House
Stoke Newington School
Engineering Complex Brunel University
Kildrum Parish Church
Kentigern House
Raised Faculty Building
Malabar Court
Nuclear Physics Laboratory
Doddington Estate
World’s End Estate
Loughborough Estate
Vanbrugh Park Estate
Chichester Theological College
Portsmouth Central Library
Hille House
Park House Secondary School
Sterling Organics
Churchill College
Royal College of Art
Queensgate Market
Towers Hall
Moore Street Electricity Substation
Lillington Gardens
Keble College Extension
Ingestre Road Estate
Institute of Education
Lincoln Court
University Centre
Somerville College
Robin Hood Gardens
Kingsway Tunnel Vents
Oakshott Court
Old Vic Annexe
National Theatre
Lambeth Road Police Control Centre
Lambeth Towers
New Street Signal Box
Nuffield Transplantation Unit, Western General Hospital
Park Hill
Leicester Engineering Building
Polthorne Estate
Royal College of Physicians
University of Leeds, Campus Expansion
University of East Anglia
Ulster Museum Extension
Triangle Estate
Trinity Square Car Park
Trellick Tower
BT Communications Tower
Priory Hall
Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts
Quaker Court
Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children
Queen Anne’s Gate
Queen Elizabeth Hall
Queen Margaret Union
Whittington Estate
Maiden Lane Estate
Dingleton Hospital Boiler House
St Mungo’s Church (Church of Scotland)
Westbury Estate
Wyndham and Comber Estates
York Road Estate
Wyndham Court
Yarnfield Square
Wolfson and Raynes Buildings
Tinbergen Building
Eminster and Hinstock
Heygate Estate
Hendon Hall Court
Hathersage Court
Harvey Court
Hammersmith & West London College
Langham House Close
Hadrian Bridge
Old Groveway
Central College Of Commerce
Glenkerry House
Golden Lane Estate
Gas Research Centre
George Square Theatre
City University
Florey Building, Queen’s College
Gala Fairydean Football Stadium
Fitzwilliam College
Euston Station
University of Essex
Dunboyne Road Estate
Eros House
Elia Mews
Kingsgate Bridge
Edith Avenue
Earlstoke Estate
Dunelm House
Dorset Estate
Dollan Baths
Department of Electrical Engineering
De Beauvoir Estate
Coventry Point
Dawson’s Heights
Crown Estate
Coventry Sport Centre
David Hume Tower
Cumbernauld Town Centre, Phase 1
Cotton Gardens Estate
Cathedral Church of Saints Peter and Paul
Faraday Memorial
Charles Wilson Building
Chapel at Churchill College
Centre Point
Brunswick Park School
Camden Ambulance Station
Brunswick Centre
Milford Towers, Catford Centre
Central Hill Estate
Brunel University
Cofferidge Close
Brandon Estate
Branch Hill Estate
Brixton Recreation Centre
Blackwall Tunnel Vents
Brownfield Estate
Brunel Estate
Abstract Wall Relief
Birmingham Central Library
Bethnal Green Fire Station
Bernat Klein Studio
Paddington British Rail Maintenance Depot
County Hall
Balfron Tower
Badric Court
Aylesbury estate
Attenborough Building
Ashington House
Archway Tower
Ashcroft Square
Ashby Building
Apollo Pavillion
Anderston Centre
Alton West, Alton Estate
Arden Estate
Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate
Aintree Estate
Ten Bell Court