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  • Brunswick Centre
  • Patrick Hodgkinson
  • Bloomsbury, London
  • 1967-72
Brunswick Centre
Patrick Hodgkinson
Bloomsbury, London

Designed by Patrick Hodgkinson, completed by L Brian Ingram and TP Bennett and Partners. Built 1967–72. Listed grade II

The Brunswick Centre comprises two linked blocks of flats, O’Donnell Court and Foundling Court, along with a cinema, shops and car parking facilities. It was initially planned as a private development and derived from studies carried out by Hodgkinson with Sir Leslie Martin into low-rise high-density development. Due to financial constraints, the housing element of the A-framed megastructure – its service, stair and lift towers (strongly evocative of Futurist architect Antonio Sant’Elia’s work) – was leased to Camden Council, where Hodgkinson’s ideas were to have a strong influence on the council’s architects in future projects. Hodgkinson returned as architect with Levitt Bernstein for the refurbishment of the Brunswick in 2006, and was finally able to accomplish his vision of the concrete and rendered surfaces being painted to match the surrounding Regency terraces.