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  • Kingsgate Bridge
  • Ove Arup
  • Durham
  • 1963
Kingsgate Bridge
Ove Arup

The last structure that Ove Arup designed himself was the award-winning reinforced concrete Kingsgate footbridge in Durham.

Completed in 1963, Arup considered this bridge his finest work. He planned every detail, including the unusual way it was constructed. The need for scaffolding on the river was eliminated by casting the bridge in two halves, one for each bank. The halves were then swivelled out from the banks to meet.

Concrete Quarterly described the result as “a thin, taut, white band stretching horizontally across the valley, resting on a pair of slender tapered fingers”.

Kingsgate stands as a striking example of Ove Arup’s vision for ‘total design’ – the seamless integration of engineering and architecture.

Listed: Grade I